Best Portable Laptop Desk

lapgear deluxe computer lapdeskWhy buy a portable laptop desk?

Do you really want to have toasted legs? No joke, there’s an entry on Webmd for the adverse effects of using your laptop directly on your legs… want some jam with your toasted legs?

Researchers from Switzerland, reporting in the Nov. 5 issue of Pediatrics, focus on the case of a 12-year-old boy who developed a sponge-patterned discoloration on his left thigh after playing computer games with his laptop resting on his upper legs a few hours per day for several months.

“He recognized that the laptop got hot on the left side,” the researchers write. “However, regardless of that, he did not change its position.” – Webmd

Weird, right?

Using a Lapdesk

There’s a way to prevent you or a family member from burning the tops of their thighs. Pick up a lap friendly lap desk and protect your legs and your laptop from overheating.

There are many different styles of portable laptop desks. And, which one you pick depends upon your needs. For me, I’ve always used a contoured laptop desk with a knee pad pillow because I like the way a contoured laptop desk fits closer to my body. And, a padded lapdesk is more comfortable for me than a flat wooden lapdesk like the iSkelter which has a flat construction and no padding.

Lap desks provide comfort and support for extended periods. Regardless of preference – wooden, plastic, beanbag – Lapgear has been a leader in the Portable Laptop Desk industry for a long time. We recommend buying a lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk for your work from home, gaming, or tablet reading needs.


Best Portable Laptop Desks

Recommended Laptop Desk – LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk

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One of the most popular lap desk with padding options is made by Lapgear.  The LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk, or Lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk, features a sturdy black molded body with integrated mouse pads and raised wrist pad.

If you work from home and want to work from your sofa or bed, the Lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk is one of the best portable laptop desk options because it’s so large and can accommodate even the largest of laptops at 17″. The comfortable pads under the surface give your legs relief from a flat laptop that isn’t padded.

Secondly, you won’t feel the heat coming out of the bottom of your laptop, either. The laptop fan blows against the portable laptop desk instead of onto your thighs.

The Lapgear Deluxe Laptop Desk features:

In addition to creating a comfortable and ergonomic work experience (from your bed or sofa) the Lapgear deluxe laptop desk includes a comfortable handle and a couple of built-in storage pouches underneath. This contoured laptop desk with a handle and storage may be the best thing to happen to your work from home experience.

You’ll enjoy –

  • A laptop lap tray with mouse pads for lefties or righties built into the surface
  • Dual pillows under the lapdesk surface to conform to your legs and provide stability for your lapdesk
  • Built In Wrist Rest to support your arms and help prevent carpal tunnel
  • Integrated Hidden Storage Pouches for extra stuff you need when working
  • Airflow channel helps to provide proper ventilation for your laptop
  • Large surface area which fits up to a 17″ laptops


So, what are the downsides to the Lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk?

Some people think it’s a little “too big”. Be sure to measure your laptop and desired working surface before purchasing. Secondly, there isn’t a built in cell phone slot in the Lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk as some other portable laptop desks have integrated into their designs.

Other than that, most people who buy the Lapgear deluxe portable desk for their laptop love it! Read More Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon


LapGear My Desk – Portable Laptop Desk

best portable laptop desk

Fortunately, if size matters, and you want something smaller with an integrated cell phone slot, the Lapgear My Desk is an excellent padded lap desk choice which comes in fun colors.

This padded lap desk is perfect for a 15″ laptop and has a slot for your cell phone. It’s also a contoured padded lapdesk with a handle and but is lacking a raised wrist pad and storage underneath like the Lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk.

If what you need is a no-nonsense, light-weight and portable cushioned laptop desk for a 15″ laptop, this is an excellent option. Take a peek here! Read Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon


Wooden LapDesk

wooden lapdesk, bamboo laptop desk

If you want a natural looking alternative to a black lap desk, we recommend a bamboo wooden lapdesk. It has a large surface area and is an ergonomic option to make working from home easier. It’s the perfect size for use as a cushioned lap desk, a lap desk for bed, kids or teen lap desk, a gaming lapdesk, a tablet desk, a writing desk or chair tray.

This portable lapdesk features a detachable pad underneath if you want to lay it flat next to you or on your lap. The ergonomic contour makes pulling it closer to your body as you work. Plus, the natural wood is a nice touch to an otherwise sea of plastic lapdesk options. Read More Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon

Wooden Lapdesk – iSkelter

iskelter laptop desk wooden laptop desk

Wooden lapdesks, like the iSkelter, have features my padded laptop desk doesn’t – like a cellphone slot. Most wooden laptop desks have a grooved slot on the upper right side to hold either a cell phone or a tablet. The iSkelter lapdesks have holes drilled into the wood on the platform that let your laptop fan circulate air. Your computer can sit comfortably on your lap without overheating your laptop and cutting its life short. Read Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon

Lighted Lap Desk by Sofia + Sam

lighted lap desk, lapdesk with lightSofia + Sam’s patented lapdesk with light has a slide out cell phone or tablet holder workstation is pretty sweet. They really thought about what you need when working from your laptop.

Sofia + Sam Lighted Lapdesk Features:

  • A light up when you need it with an attached USB powered lap desk light
  • A tablet /cell phone slot that fits most tablets and smart phones
  • A slide out mouse pad pulls out on either the left or right side of the desk for your convenience
  • A built with a memory foam cushion for your wrists help keep your arms at the right angle
  • A surface area perfect for larger laptops

The Sofia + Sam lighted lap desk is the ultimate workstation for anyone who has conference calls while working for home and use a laptop, tablet or smart phone during the workday.

This portable lap desk allows you to work or read while watching tv. You can also use it to write on and even listen to Youtube videos on your cell phone while you work from your lap desk. Don’t settle for a basic padded lapdesk when you can get a souped-up one that meets needs you didn’t know you have. Read Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon


Want to make your lapdesk life more fun?

A portable massager works wonders to heal tired muscles. Stay warm with an Alpaca blanket from Mauch Studio while sitting with your laptop and drinking from your cool S’well wood grain water bottle while checking the time with a wooden wrist watch and listening music from leather wrapped headphones.

Bean Bag Lap Desk

bean bag lap desk, bean bag lap table

Bean bag lap desks (click here to see more styles) are great for people who want ultimate comfort. The beanbag lap desk cushioning conforms to your body gently and is soft on the thighs. These make great gifts for kids and little girls also. This style has really cute polka dots in bright colors which are perfect for youngsters or the young at heart. This style fits a 14″ laptop or makes a great lapdesk for a tablet or ipad. This bean bag lapdesk also comes in ZEBRA Print   and PINK Polka Dots | Read Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon


Adjustable Height Deluxe computer Lapdesk

adjustable lap desk adjustable lap table best adjustable laptop table

Adjustable lap desks are perfect if you like to adjust your laptop, tablet, book or surface to fit your sitting situation. You can adjust this laptop desk to 8 different angles for hands-free use and optimal viewing. This adjustable lap desk folds flat when you are not using it and can fit between a sofa and chair or slid under your bed to stowaway.

The space-saving padded lap desk comes with dual pillows underneath that conform to your lap and thighs. Stable and comfortable, this portable lapdesk also vents so your laptop or tablet doesn’t overheat. Read Reviews | Buy Now on Amazon


best portable laptop desk, lapgear deluxe computer lapdesk

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