Drink Rocks by AreaWare

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Get a set of soapstone and marble geometric drink stones which are unique and eye catching to keep your cocktails cold. Runa Klock* has designed one of a kind stones which can be frozen and dropped into a gin & tonic to cool it down while keeping the effects at full potency. AREAWARE is a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. See more of their products @ www.areaware.com

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*Runa Klock is a designer based in Oslo, Norway. Her designs are inspired by nature and characterized by a strong interest in material and craft. Runa often references the rugged coast of Norway where she was born and incorporates the Scandinavian aesthetic of simplicity and functionality into her work. Runa holds a Masters Degree in Design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Oslo where she lives and works. See more on www.areaware.com