Mauch Studio Luxurious Alpaca Blankets

mauch studio alpaca blankets

Most new brands launch under the radar. That’s how Mauch Studio is starting their brand online @

Desiring to grow organically, and not over inventory or stretch themselves too quickly, Mauch Studio is in it to win it for the long run.

We’ve gotten the inside scoop and are proud to be announcing their arrival here on

Mauch Studio’s story is one of adventure and compassion. Their co-founder, Ethel Davidge (who is in her 70’s), started bringing back Alpaca blankets to sell in a non-profit capacity as a fundraising item in her hometown Denton, also known as the little Austin of Texas.

After achieving local success and helping to support causes dear to her heart, she and her husband Miller decided to add a layer to the endeavor and start selling the products at retail.

The initial fundraising aspect will continue with sales dedicated through the non-profit. To grow the opportunity and reach more people with the blankets they love so much they’ve elicited the support of their daughter Carlin Davidge Felder, who has a career as a product designer. Carlin is handling the sales, product photography, branding and Shopify store design… social media outreach & more. She’s a self-proclaimed DIY’er online.

Launching in March 2016, Mauch Studio is beginning with a focus on comfortable accessories for the home and body… blankets, throws, scarves, and ponchos.

alpaca scarf

Imagine This:

“The sun is setting outside, just as it has done for eons. You toss a couple of logs onto a crackling fire, smell the aroma of hot cocoa and take a sip from a steaming mug.

Then you curl up on a cozy sofa with a blanket draped over keeping you warm. Luxuriously soft Alpaca fibers brush lightly against your skin. The smooth texture of your blanket makes settling in near the fire a moment of pure bliss.

With a warm glow in the room and the smell of logs burning, everything is right with your world.

Mauch Studio’s Alpaca blanket throws will melt your heart. Visually stunning, Alpaca wool is the material of ancient royalty.

Sourced from Ecuador, our blankets are imported from indigenous artisans who hand loom each blanket with great care. No two blankets are exactly alike. Hand crafting gives each one a slightly unique look and feel.

Colors are limited editions each season. This means, you won’t find our products mass produced or flooding the market place.

Mauch Studio values bringing unique colors and premium products to people who have exquisite taste.” – Mauch Studio

mauch studio alpaca blankets, alpaca infinity scarf

“Why Buy Alpaca Blankets?

We have seen it over and over, people love Alpaca blankets. They are soft to the touch, luxurious, and the perfect accessory for any home. We’ve been selling them to customers who come back year after year for new colors.

Our blanket throws will easily cover you while lounging or napping. Let our blankets curl up under your feet, cover your shoulders, and keep you warm when you nod off reading a book.

They are also perfect to take outdoors… whether you’re at a sporting event or on a beach enjoying a bonfire, Alpaca blankets are a durable essential for a cool night out.

And, because we love our blankets so much, we take them on vacation with us. Aside from being with the one you love, our blankets are the perfect travel companion.” – Mauch Studio

If you are a retailer looking for an new home accessory to add to your line, we recommend Mauch Studio Alpaca Blankets.

Your customers will love Mauch Studio Alpaca Blankets because:

  • Alpaca fibers are Stunning. Silky and eye-catching it’s easy to see why they are sought after.
  • The luxurious texture will grab your customer’s attention. They’ll want our blankets in their home!
  • Hypoallergenic & Allergen Free, Alpaca is perfect for those with sensitive skin & breathing issues.
  • Alpaca is SOFT & Not Itchy Like Wool. In fact, it’s soft enough for a baby’s skin.
  • Alpaca fibers are Warmer than Wool.
  • The blankets are light-weight & drape beautifully on a sofa or chair.
  • Alpaca products can be washed on a cool, gentle cycle and line dried (or Dry Cleaned).

mauch studio alpaca blanket

To find out more about Mauch Studio products, head over to their site launching the week of March 21, 2016 –