Paris Design Week 9.5-9.12.2015

paris design week 2015

The fifth annual PARIS DESIGN WEEK will take place from Saturday 5 to Saturday 12 September 2015. The event invites French and international professionals and the general public to discover the best of design in… View Full Post

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Un-fancy: Capsule Wardrobe

A wave of minimalism has washed up influencers from the deep. Books extol the virtues of divesting goods from your grip and creating a minimalist lifestyle. The current culture is leaning toward experimental fat trimming, even in fashion.… View Full Post

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Visual Provider: Magazine

visual provider

Who they are… and… what they are doing: Visual Provider is a collaborative public network formed with the sole purpose of supporting and exposing upcoming artists that deserve further recognition. We go through numerous submissions and… View Full Post

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Sunglasses: RetroSuperFuture


For a brand who started with only 3 silhouettes, Daniel Beckerman has grown a super sunglasses brand. Check out RetroSuperFuture’s frames.

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Drum Handling Equipment

drum handling equipment

Drum Handling Equipment Drum handling equipment is an essential part of any manufacturing plant. If you need the best drum handling equipment around, contact Essex Drum Handling. Based in New Jersey, they serve the north… View Full Post

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