Un-fancy: Capsule Wardrobe

A wave of minimalism has washed up influencers from the deep. Books extol the virtues of divesting goods from your grip and creating a minimalist lifestyle. The current culture is leaning toward experimental fat trimming, even in fashion.

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Blogger and lifestyle influencer Caroline Joy Rector of Un-Fancy.com says to create a simple fashion experience each quarter, choose a few core items and accessorize according to need:

Unfancy was born in March 2014, out of a desire to simplify my life. It’s a mash up of two of my favorite things: personal style + minimalism.

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Here’s how it works: Every three months, I create a capsule wardrobe — a mini wardrobe of versatile pieces that I absolutely love.

Caroline Joy Rector_Unfancy Pics 2

Then, I blog outfits — real, everyday, unfancy outfits — using only clothes from my current capsule wardrobe. And along the way I share how I make minimalism work for my closet.

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Even though Caroline has grown to expand on the concept a bit lately, her foundation of easy, simple living and conceptual clothing is an excellent basis to begin your foray into a seasonal wardrobe detox.

Learn more about a Capsule Wardrobe and if it’s right for you by following Caroline Joy Rector (@caroline_joy) on Instagram and her blog, Un-fancy.com. In April of 2015 she took a hiatus from her blog. Learn why here!